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Top 20 ‘Crazy’ Conspiracy Theories That Were Proven to be Fact

Conspiracy theories have long been stigmatized and ridiculed by mainstream news outlets, government-paid internet trolls, and “rational” thinkers.More recently, politicians and the MSM have branded any outlet that “dares” question the official narrative as “fake news” in the hope of discrediting any genuine researchers.Whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks, and generations of intrepid journalists have helped to pave the way for the truth movement, opening people’s eyes to the facts that were once brushed aside as “wild conspiracy theories”.


Here are 20 conspiracy facts that are well-documented and profoundly disturbing…

1) The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

2) Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

3) Project MKUltra

4) Operation Northwoods

5) CIA Drug Trafficking

6) Operation Mockingbird


8) Operation Snow White

9) Secret Global Economic Policies

10) The US Government Illegally Spies On Its Own Citizens

11) Operation Ajax, the CIA’s Iranian Coup

12) ‘Nayirah’, the False Pretext for the first Gulf War

13) Operation Paperclip

14) Operation Gladio: Anti-Communist False Flags in Italy

15) Government uses insect and rodent drones to spy

16) CIA assassinations and coups in foreign countries

17) Mainstream media is the propaganda branch of the State Department

18) The Deep State (or the conspiracy theory formerly known as The New World Order)

19) CIA used psychics to infiltrate the Soviet Union during The Cold War

20) CIA monitors U.S. citizens via their smart devices


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