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Top sheriff: America now ruled by ‘oligarchy’

One of America’s most popular sheriffs has issued a “wake-up call” for conservatives following the Supreme Court’s two landmark decisions on same-sex marriage and Obamacare.

The way Sheriff David Clarke sees it, the wild horse has broken loose and is halfway out of the barn, threatening to trample the crops.

If the court can redefine marriage and force people to buy health care from a private business, there is nothing it can’t do, said Clarke, the sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and frequent Fox News contributor.

“The thing that bothers me the most in this decision, though, is the way the court acted as essentially five oligarchs,” he told WND. “If we wanted to change the U.S. Constitution, there is a process for that, and there was a robust debate going on in all states, where some states elected to change the definition of marriage, others had not, and these five decided to act like legislators. And my concern is, it takes away from the legislative authority of Congress. And if they can do it with gay marriage, they can do it with anything.”

The Obamacare decision was not much better, he said.

“You had one justice, Roberts, go along with the five other oligarchs and change the way people get their health care in the United States and make them buy a product,” he said.

He said the redefinition of  marriage, while shockingly arrogant, was less disturbing to him than the way it was done, in effect shredding the Constitution.

“I think Justice Scalia points that out, that it was a very contorted view of the 14th Amendment,” he said. “There are well-established traditions, and gay marriage is not one of them. So if that tradition is to be changed, then there is an established process for that, and the Supreme Court is not one of them. You go through the amendment process and the Constitution. The same could be said for women’s suffrage, and we didn’t go to the court and have some oligarchs decide that; we amended the Constitution.”
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