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“Torture” : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

The Jacksons’ 1984 video “Torture” is a nightmarish ordeal laced with a whole lot of Illuminati mind-control symbolism. Does the video symbolically reveal the secret life of the Jacksons, particularly the family’s most famous member, Michael?

The story of the Jacksons reflects everything that is wrong with the music industry: Young talents being groomed in cruel conditions by handlers, then pushed into the spotlight in order to ultimately break down in a spectacular fashion. When Michael Jackson became the biggest star in the world, things got extremely weird, extremely fast. First, Michael’s appearance and skin color changed drastically due to massive bone-chiseling reconstructive surgery and experimental, chemically induced skin bleaching.  Then all kinds of reports of strange behavior- culminating in accusations of child molestation – surfaced in the media, defining the rest of Michael’s career. After spending the last few years of his lifespeaking out against the evils of the industry, the “King of Pop” died in a what is now ruled as a homicide.

Although I am convinced there were no end of strange experiments conducted on this artist throughout his life, Michael also showed symptoms of a typical industry “treatment”: Trauma-based mind control. The process most likely began at a very young age, as Jackson was reportedly severely traumatized by the physical and psychological abuse suffered at the hands of his father.

When Jackson moved from the custody of his father to the custody of the music industry, things got worse. And if there’s anything one can learn from the articles on Vigilant Citizen it is that the occult elite enjoys disclosing–in a twisted, symbolic and deceptive matter–their control on artists, the industry … and the world. Hence, Torture.

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