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Trump Hotels’ payment service breached, guests credit card data stolen

Guests at 14 of Trump’s Hotels have reported that their credit card details have been stolen. The news comes directly from the Trump Hotels website, which mentions that they have learned of an incident involving “unauthorized access to guest information associated with certain hotel reservations.” The incident occurred in less than a year after Trump Hotels had settled with victims of a security breach, reported Gizmodo.

The current breach took place at the Sabrea Hospitality Solutions, which is a reservation service used by the Trump Hotels. The hotel confirmed that they were not hacked themselves. The Washington Post reported that the breach has affected around 15 per cent of the daily bookings on the reservation system.

The hotel chain is owned by the US President Donald Trump. The breach took place last month and the hotel was notified on June 5. The notification mentioned that an unauthorized party had gained access to the data, dating back to August 10, 2016, and that the data was last accessed on March 9, 2017.


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