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Trump uses NATO to police ‘disloyal’ Europeans

The growing rift in the transatlantic alliance is set to blow wide open after US President Trump used a top-level meeting with NATO this week to blast Germany and other European members for being “disloyal”.

Sounding like a Mafia don, Trump warned that such NATO members “will be dealt with”.

Speaking in the Oval Office, along with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump resorted to his usual gripe about “unfair burden sharing” of military spending in the alliance.  The US president has long rebuked other NATO members for not meeting the alliance’s spending target of 2 per cent of GDP.

Turning to former Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg, Trump said with menacing tone: “I think you will be able to handle the ones that aren’t [spending enough], right?

But Trump raised the rankle stakes even higher by insisting that NATO members which are lagging in their purported annual contribution are “not loyal”.

Praising seven members of NATO that do reach the 2 per cent military spending target – he named Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece and Britain – Trump said:Some countries are loyal, some countries aren’t.”

In particular, the president turned his ire on Germany for what he claimed was a “long-standing shortfall” in financial contribution to NATO. But it was what Trump said next that gave his tirade against Berlin and other “low spending” NATO members a sinister edge.

.Image Credit – Twitter


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