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Trump’s First 100 Days in Review

It is no secret that Donald Trump has flip flopped on countless issues since assuming the presidency. To flip flop around the way that Trump has shows us many things, namely that he doesn’t have strong principles and positions which he has already formed, that he has a tendency to mouth off before understanding an issue, that the Deep State has gotten to him and persuaded and threatened him into reversing his campaign positions (assuming he was actually being honest during campaigning) and that now he is showing his true colors once he has secured the throne of power (assuming he was ever being honest in the first place).

Here is a brief list of some of the things that Trump has flip flopped on:

– We need to investigate and prosecute the ultra corrupt Hillary Clinton > She’s a “good friend” and has been through enough

– Draining the swamp > Appoints swamp dwellers to his Cabinet and Administration, such as Zionists, Neocons and the 3 Gs (Goldman Sachs, Generals and Gazillionaires)

– Replace and repeal Obamacare > Keep the “strongest assets” of Obamacare

– Mexico will pay for the wall > Assuming it even happens, the US will have to pay upfront for it (and will probably never get the money back unless via US citizens themselves, through taxes or increased costs of Mexican goods)

– We should stay out of Syria > Trump breaks international law and strikes Syria with 59 missiles

– NATO is obsolete > NATO is “no longer obsolete”

– China is a “currency manipulator” > China is not manipulating the currency

– The US should get along with Russia > Russia is now the official enemy

– Janet Yellen (head of the Federal Reserve) is bad > Now Trump “respects” her

– The Export-Import Bank is bad > The Export-Import Bank has helped small companies

– On his first day Trump signed a memo ordering a freeze on federal hires > In April 2017, that freeze is now over

– Wikileaks/Julian Assange is great > Trump would “be OK” with prosecuting Wikileaks/Julian Assange

– The US should be non-interventionist > Trump rails and ratchets up tension against Iran, China, Syria and North Korea (all to varying degrees)

– We need a strong US dollar > The dollar is “getting too strong”

To be fair to Trump, there are some issues where he has followed though on his word, such as his promises to appoint a conservative justice (Neil Gorsuch) and to withdraw the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), but such issues are few and far between.



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