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Turkish Intelligence Used Chemical Weapons in Syria to Provoke War

As the US prepares to quadruple its military spending in Eastern Europe, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern joins Radio Sputnik’s Brian Becker to discuss the legacy of NATO and the increasing isolation of Turkey.

“Once the US launched, successfully, the coup in Ukraine…then you had a kind of ‘threat’ from Russia that you could [justify] building, for example, the main European battle tank,” McGovern tells Loud & Clear. “What’s happening now is there’s a ‘real’ – it’s really an imagined threat from Russia – [and] lots of reasons to spend more money.

“Seventy-one years after the end of World War II, NATO members…are still acting like…adolescents. They can’t seem to act like adults.”

While the organization may be outdated, NATO still serves a vital role for the US, in keeping European allies from gravitating toward Russia. In this effort, Washington will use almost any means to justify the expansion of NATO.

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