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TVs Now ‘Smart’ Enough To Get Hijacked, Pick Up Malware

My sister got a virus on her TV. A VIRUS ON HER GODDAMN TV.

It was an LG Smart TV with a built in web browser, and she managed to get a DNS Hijacker that would say “Your computer is infected please send us money to fix it” any time she tried to do anything on the TV.

The Reddit post included this image:

If a TV can surf the web, it can be hijacked or pick up malware. It’s a little tougher to make malware stick to smart TV browsers, but while the commenter’s outrage might be warranted, shock isn’t.SecureList dug into this hijacker and has both good news and bad news. The good news is this particular version was only live for a few days and disappeared more than four months ago. The bad news is that there’s nothing particularly unique about the attempted hijacking. Multiple domains served as hosts for the malware, including a handful at Amazon’s cloud services.It’s not a new threat, but spotting it on a smart TV is rather novel. SecureList chased down other versions of the same scammy Javascript — which prompts people to call a phone number to “protect” their TV from malware — including this fantastic bit of non-native English that both impersonates a Chrome warning page and suggests your TV is now a portal to a vast selection of retail outlets..READ MORE BRUK