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UK: Call GM food something else to ease public fears, say MPs: Report says label is ‘lightning rod’ for fears of designer crops




The term ‘GM food’ should be abandoned, say politicians who are calling for an extraordinary rebranding exercise.


MPs on the science and technology select committee has demanded a ‘reframing of the public conversation’ about genetically modified food.

In an inflammatory report today, it says the GM label has become a ‘lightning rod’ for fears about designer crops.

Biohazard: MPs on the science and technology select committee say GM crops, like this field of GM wheat, should be rebranded because the term has become a ‘lightning rod’ for fears about designer crops

It says the term should be reserved for plants created using the most basic form of genetic engineering, with many newer methods excluded. Anti-GM groups accused MPs of trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

Peter Melchett, of the Soil Association, who gave evidence to the committee during its inquiry, said: ‘This is probably the most ridiculous recommendation to come out of any select committee in this entire Parliament. It’s insulting to the public to suggest they can be fooled that easily.’
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