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UK government will deputise newsagents to collect and retain identity documents from the nation’s pornography viewers

The UK public has spent years being fed a diet of ridiculous, empty promises about the government’s capacity to find and block every adult site on the internet, then securely identify who is an adult, and only allow adults to look at adult content.

The fact that this is technologically infeasible and incredibly dangerous did nothing to dampen the ardour of opportunistic, cynical, technologically illiterate Conservative Members of Parliament, who have decreed that wanting it badly is sufficient to make it happen, and who responded to incontrovertible evidence of the plan’s unworkability by doubling down on it, proposing to issue Britons unique, porn-browsing ID numbers (even as evidence of the plan’s unworkability continues to mount).

The latest wheeze descends to self-parody: the UK government will deputise newsagents (known as “convenience store owners” in much of the English-speaking world outside of the UK) to collect the passports, driving licenses and other sensitive identity papers from people who want to look at porn, copy them, retain them, and issue unique IDs that pornography websites will also collect and retain



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