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UK Police Get to Grips With Possibly Lethal Taser as Use on Children Rises 25%

Police taser use against children leaped 25 percent in the UK in 2016 compared to the previous year, with 597 deployments in total compared to 467. The figures come as police are being equipped with a growing number of ever more powerful tasers, with the potential to kill.

Since December 2008, the UK has increasingly been abuzz with police brandishing electroshock weapons. In the first year of their deployment, Metropolitan Police officers alone used them on children nine times in total — in the first eleven months of 2016, this figure had jumped to 118, of which 70 percent of the cases involved black and minority ethnic children. Between 2010 and 2015, UK police officers drew, aimed or fired Tasers a total of 38,000 times — and official figures revealed non-white suspects were three times more likely to be tasered than whites.



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