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UK Spends More on Guarding Assange Than Human Rights Worldwide

A data-crunching website has found that money spent by Britain for detaining Julian Assange would be enough to pay over 11 million meals for the needy, or 642 teachers’ yearly salaries.

The UK has so far spent over US$ 19 million on the stake-out of the Wikileaks founder, who has been holed up in London’s Ecuadorian embassy since 2012.

According to a website called GovWaste, the Britain spends £10,404 per day on its “siege against Julian Assange”.

This money, according to the website, would be more worth investing in public services such as education and healthcare. For instance, GovWaste suggests using the money to vaccinate over 70,000 kids, or create almost 55,000 hospital beds.

Wikileaks, the whistleblowing website founded by Assange, underlined on Twitter that the amount exceeded Britain’s annual expenditure on human rights and democracy projects worldwide— which has just been doubled to over US$14 million (£10.6 million).




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