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UKIP mega-donor plans new political party… without Nigel Farage

Aaron Banks, the millionaire businessman who bankrolled UKIP’s Leave.EU campaign, has said he wants to start a new political party, possibly without Nigel Farage.
In a move which may reshape Britain’s political landscape, Banks said he hopes to poach supporters of UKIP, Labour and the Conservatives for his new party.

The multi-millionaire insurance mogul criticized the haphazard way UKIP grew from obscurity to a party able to garner a million votes in the last general election.

Asked if Farage would be in charge of the new party, he said the UKIP leader “may have had enough




“I think UKIP needs to be reformed root and branch and we will be looking at that,” said Banks.

“With a million supporters there’s also a wonderful opportunity if we want to do something, to back something. I think a new party, a brand new party.”

He added: “UKIP grew so rapidly it had problems with personnel and all sorts of issues and I believe that could be better tackled with a new party.”

Banks made headlines this year for making what may have been the biggest single donation to a political cause in British history when he handed Leave.EU £5.6 million (US$7.5 million) from his personal fortune.


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