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Ukraine’s NATO Referendum A Vote For War

The massive artillery bombardment of the peoples of the Donbass, that has been raining down shells and fire on them since Christmas, is a war crime of horrific proportions designed to terrorise the people and bring their refusal to be subject to the NATO-installed regime in Kiev to an end. It is also becoming clear that it has a political purpose, which is to increase anti-Russian, pro-NATO propaganda among the Ukrainian people to influence them to vote to join NATO in a referendum, the consequences of which will be dramatic because a vote for NATO will be a vote for war.

On Thursday, February 9, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, of the Funke Mediengruppe newspaper chain, reported that the claimed president of Ukraine, Mr. Poroshenko, intends to hold a referendum on NATO membership. Poroshenko referred to recent opinion polls that indicate 54 per cent of Ukrainians now want to join NATO as opposed to 16 per cent before the NATO-backed coup put his puppet regime in power. This change in opinion is a direct result of the aggression of the Kiev regime against the peoples of eastern Ukraine that refuse to accept the legitimacy or anti-Russian policies of that regime and its fascist allies, which resistance is turned upside down by the western propagandists and described as Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The continuous violations of the Minsk ceasefire accords and the refusal by Kiev to adhere to the steps to be taken to grant the Donbass republics autonomy and protect the rights of their peoples as stipulated in the Minsk agreements, including the right not to be attacked, are shrugged off as irrelevant in the face of the supposed aggression from the east.


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