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Ukraine’s Tymoshenko Makes Her Play: Calls for New Elections, Americans Be Damned

As I’ve predicted after leaving Ukraine’s post-Maidan governing coalition the former leader of the Orange Revolution ‘Gas Princess’ Yulia Tymoshenko has now called for early elections. What’s more she’s doing so against the wishes of the Americans:

In a national poll conducted in the week to February 17 by the Kyiv-based Gorshenin Institute, 15.8% of respondents said they would back the former prime minister and ‘gas princess’ in a hypothetical presidential election against Poroshenko, who narrowly holds the lead with 17.2%.

It’s a strong position for someone who only scraped past the 5% barrier to get seats in parliament during the October 2014 elections, and it has clearly emboldened Tymoshenko to call for what almost everyone else, Ukraine’s Western backers included, is intent on avoiding: costly new elections in a country depleted morally and financially by war and political chaos

Americans were instrumental in preserving the ridiculously unpopular Yatsenyuk as the Prime Minister in Kiev. A negotiated change of Prime Minister was seen as a bad enough outcome for the State Department – a new election would be seen as a downright disaster


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