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Ukrainian nationalists hold ISIS flag

Ukrainian nationalist “Tornado” battalion members have been participating in the aggression against Donetsk and Lugansk regions ever since coup installed Kiev regime attacked people that disagreed with the result of west sponsored revolution of 2014. It’s members consists of people from many walks of life. Starting with youngsters that seek higher purpose in life and ending with outright neo-Nazi Ukrainian nationalists.



It became clear to me long ago that Kiev regime will never investigate cases against Ukrainian nationalists where they are being accused of rapes, robberies, kidnappings etc. However, nationalist “Tornado” battalion has caught my eye once again when I saw pictures (see below) of Ukrainian nationalist Tornado battalion members holding ISIS flag. Yes, that ISIS, one that is fighting against legitimate governments in Iraq, Syria etc., killing Christians and is spreading throughout middle east. Makes me wander – exactly how many ISIS followers are fighting on the side of Ukrainian nationalists against Donetsk and Lugansk, and once  civil war is over, what will all these radicals do and where will they go?