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Ukrainian neo-Nazis march through Kiev


Ukrainian neo-Nazis and various radicals march with torches in Kiev, Ukraine to commemorate their leader’s birthday. Stepan Bandera was born on January 1, 1909. During WW2 he joined Nazi Germany’s fight against Soviet Union. Followers of Bandera are responsible for deaths of tens of thousands of Jews, Poles, Russians, Belorussians and and their own countrymen. One of the more famous massacres that Ukrainian Nazis, Bandera’s followers took place was in Volhynia, Poland were Ukrainian Nazis massacred around 50.000 Poles. ( ) .

Stepan Bandera (middle) in Nazi Germany uniform:


People of western Ukraine (whose descendants march through Kiev today and took over Ukrainian government in 2014) greet Nazi Germany soldiers



Video, Ukrainian neo-Nazis march through Kiev, Ukraine – January 1, 2016: