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Ukrainian Politicians Knock Each Other Out in Parliament

Ukrainian politicians have been known for their impulsiveness and willingness to get their point across by throwing a perfectly-timed right cross at their opponent’s face.

The world witnessed some of the most amazing fights in the Ukrainian Rada in the past, but after Petro Poroshenko assumed the presidency he promised Ukraine will move towards Europeanization, including getting rid of the bad habit of fist fighting in the parliament.

Well… It didn’t quite work out. The ongoing Civil War in Donbass, the economy on the verge of collapse and defiant Right Sector terrorists are causing heated arguments among Ukrainian parliamentarians that sometimes still end with a knock-out.

Ukrainian MPs might not necessarily have UFC champion Conor McGregor’s smoothness and technique when throwing punches, but the brash Irishman might sure learn a thing or two about proper trash-talk from politicians in Kiev. Ukrainian TV Channel 112 compiled a highlights video with Verkhovna Rada scraps. Enjoy!