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Ukrainians in Shock as ‘Revolutionary’ Political Elite’s Riches Revealed

Now that Kiev politicians have been forced to publicly declare their wealth, Ukrainians are outraged by the clear excesses displayed by the country’s elite

.As Ukrainians suffer under an economic crisis, public officials have been forced to disclose their personal fortunes online as part of anti-corruption efforts.

When the Economy Ministry says that in some areas around 60 percent of the economy is in the shadows, then this is accounted for by the volume of cash registered by civil servants, officials and lawmakers,” said Taras Kachka, deputy executive director at the International Renaissance Foundation.

“This is a reflection of the state of our society.”

Prime Minister Voldymyr Groysman was among those shown to be in possession of a vast fortune well beyond the means of most public figures. The new database shows that he and his wife have a total of $1.2 million and 460,000 euros in cash, as well as an extensive collection of luxury watches.