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UN Plan Estimates Up to 600,000 New Middle East Migrants Will Enter Europe in Next 4 Months

A plan by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for dealing with the European refugee crisis anticipates that as many as 5,000 Middle Eastern refugees and migrants could pass from Turkey into Europe each day over the next four months—with a total of 600,000 moving into Europe from November through February.

“Between November 2015 and February 2016, UNHCR anticipates that there could be an average of 5,000 arrivals per day from Turkey, resulting in up to a total of 600,000 arrivals in Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,” says the UNHCR’s “Winterization Plan for the Refugee Crisis in Europe: November 2015-February 2016.” The plan was published on Nov. 5.

This map from the UNHCR plan shows the route migrants are taking from Turkey into Europe. (Screen capture)

UNHCR Spokesman William Spindler repeated the plan’s basic assessment to Reuters in a story published on the same day as the plan.

“We need to prepare for the possibility of up to 5,000 to continue arriving every day from now until February of next year,” Spindler told Reuters. “If that is the case, we are looking at another 600,000 refugees and migrants arriving in Europe  between November this year and February next year.”