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UN says parents who SPANK their children should be thrown in jail, but not parents who ABORT them


The authoritarian lefties who sit on the United Nations Committee on Human Rights have an odd way of showing love and respect for children.

Under the premise of advancing what the UN panel considers “human rights,” members have recently released a report suggesting that the United Kingdom should pass laws that ban parents and teachers from spanking children, even when used as a form of discipline.

The New American noted that the UN report also recommended that the UK government launch a propaganda campaign funded by taxpayers aimed at ending corporal punishment for children that emphasizes alleged “harmful effects.”

Meanwhile, the same panel – indeed, the UN in general – remains an ardent supporter of abortion. In fact, its report even advocated for more abortions as part of a broader list of demands that included additional UN treaties and agreements, increased media and public censorship, and other actions.


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