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University Police Departments Use “Secret” Cell Phone Detectors To Spy On Students And Faculty

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A recent article in the News Gazette, reveals how the University of Illinois police tracked a stolen cell phone to a specific classroom.

How did the police, track a stolen cell phone to a specific classroom, you ask?

Police across the country are using cell phone detectors, like the “Wolfhound-PRO” or the “PocketHound” that can track cell phones from 150 feet away indoors and up to one mile outdoors (line-of-sight).

“Wolfhound” and “PocketHound” are so secret, police don’t want you to know about them.

“We can’t disclose any legal requirements associated with the use of this equipment,” Elise Armacost, Baltimore County Police spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal. (Source)

An article in the Daily Texan describes how the University of Texas Police use “advanced tracking tactics” to track cell phones but declined to reveal what they are. They also claimed, to have the ability to locate a cell phone even if it’s dead. (Click here to find out more.)

As you’ll see, “advanced tracking tactics” is just a euphemism for cell phone detectors. And police across the country will go to great lengths, to keep their usage a secret. Keep in mind, cell phone detectors track everyone’s cell phone signal.


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