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US govt could ‘lose perspective’ & move towards war – Oliver Stone


As Russia continues to be accused of US election meddling and President Putin is portrayed as a villain by the MSM, filmmaker Oliver Stone told RT there’s more to the story – and that he fears the US could lose its self-control and do something dangerous.

Stone – who extensively interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin for “The Putin Interviews,” which aired on US cable network Showtime in June – spoke to RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze about Moscow, Washington, and the relationship between the two powers.

Speaking about his experience interviewing Putin, Stone said that despite claims that he was too easy on the Russian president, he “pushed him.” He said he could “feel his irritation when I was pushing him hard on the democracy question, on the question of his succession, on what’s going to happen next year. There are times I riled him.”

Stone went on to speak about his perception of Putin, after interviewing him for over 30 hours for the interview series. “If I can give you an overall opinion of Mr. Putin, he’s the ultimate negotiator; he will wear you out. He really believes in talking out everything. There are certain points of interest, every country has its national interests, and he constantly harks on this. Russia has its national interests. And he’s open to negotiating anything but those national interests, and when you cross the line, he will let you know.”

He also referred to the Russian president as a leader who seeks peace. “Every time I talked to Mr. Putin over those 30 hours, I never sensed any other desire on his part but to have a balance of power, respect for each other’s sovereignty, and a sense of peace in the world. And that’s what people don’t accept from him. They can’t believe that this man who they consider a villain is an emirate of peace.”

When asked whether “The Putin Interviews” could change the American perception of Putin, Stone said “it has to some degree.” However, he said it remains to be seen if anything will actually change when it comes to the bigger picture, citing the recent decision by the US Congress to expand sanctions against Russia.


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