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US Had “Secret” Discussions With Assad “Regime”, Tried To Start Military Coup



Earlier this week, we recountedSeymour Hersh’s latest investigative report in which we learn that apparently, the Joint Chiefs of Staff worked to undermine the efforts of the White House and the CIA in Syria.

According to Hersh, the Joint Chiefs passed intelligence to Bashar al-Assad through a network of intermediaries starting in 2013 in an effort to assist the Syrian leader in the fight against extremists backed by Washington’s regional allies in Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha. Hersh even goes so far as to contend that the CIA was tricked into providing inferior weapons to jihadists after the Joints Chiefs suggested that shipping arms from Turkey would be cheaper than going through Libya.

If Hersh’s story is even partially accurate, it suggests that not everyone in Washington was (or is) on board with a “strategy” that involves isolating the Assad regime and implicitly (or, in a worst case scenario, “explicitly”) supporting terrorists.

Hersh’s report came on the heels of a story from Bild which claims that German intelligence has begun networking with Assad in an effort to open lines of communication ahead of the deployment of Tornado surveillance aircraft.

Taken together, all of this means the simple narrative which suggests the West is staunchly opposed to working with the Assad government in any capacity is patently false. In fact, what Hersh’s story suggests is that there are many officials in the US who think the idea of arming terrorists in an effort to bring about regime change in the Mid-East is ludicrous. They’re apparently so convinced of this that they’re willing to resort to outright treason to subvert what they view as a dangerous policy of fomenting discord by aiding and abetting Sunni extremists.

Well, just as the White House was forced to respond to Hersh’s last exposé in which the official, Zero Dark Thirty narrative of the bin Laden assassination was exposed as a lie, it now appears Washington is looking to tell its side of the story with regard to covert communication with the Assad government. As WSJ reports, more than two dozen “US and Arab officials” now say Washington communicated with Assad “for years” and also sought to orchestrate a military coup in Syria. 

“The Obama administration pursued secret communications with elements of Syria’s regime over several years in a failed attempt to limit violence and get President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power, according to U.S. and Arab officials,” The Journal begins, adding that “early on, the U.S. looked for cracks in the regime it could exploit to encourage a military coup, but found few.”