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USA Bases in Italy: History of an Understood Submission


From a country defeated by the Second World War and with a significant geopolitical importance, Italy has been subjected to a massive presence of military bases all over the country. By joining the NATO Military Defense Treaty of 4 April 1949, Italy entered and stood officially within the Western bloc as opposed to the Soviet War and the Warsaw Pact, becoming an important logistical-military base for the allied troops, especially for American ones.

Suffice it to think that since the post-war period, the US military presence has guaranteed Washington’s capillary control in the Mediterranean, which was to be defended, according to the Pentagon, by the Soviet threat. The Americans have deposited a considerable number of nuclear warheads in Italy , which still remain active today.

But it is above all in the last thirty years that these foundations, marine, aerial and land have proved to be of great importance: for example, the military intervention against Serbia in the Yugoslav conflict, the peace keeping mission in the newly-born republics ‘area or Libya and the naval logistics supply in the two conflict in Iraq.

The US presence in our country has never been lightened, not even after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Indeed, it has remained well-founded for three major reasons: for logistical support to the ” export of democracy ” wars in the Mediterranean and the Gulf to maintain a heavy military occupation in Europe and finally to pursue a policy of encircling Russia.

The American bases are disseminated from Friuli to Sicily, and the relationship of the Italian government with their presence has always been totally subjugated . For example, the base of Vicenza, Camp Ederle: former barracks of the Italian army, hosted the first American military in 1955, displaced by Austria, gaining more and more importance over time and implementing the presence of troops to reach 12,000 today’s units, more than 2000 of the Cold War period.

The impact with the Veneto community of the presence of the 12,000 American military in Vicenza is not the best. From 2016 to 2016 there were 113 cases of crimes committed by US military personnel; from rape and tempted sexual violence to raids and assaults. The brilliant fact, however, is in the attitude of the Italian authorities to the crimes: in 93 cases Italy has given up jurisdiction and left the accused, under Article 7 of the 1951 London Convention, to be judged in their country of origin.

The criterion of this attitude is even more shocking as renunciation is made for a simple ” political coexistence ,” according to Vicenza’s chief prosecutor. As in the case of Cermis , where an American warplane crashed the ropes of a cable car causing the deaths of 20 people, these soldiers in the vast majority of cases left to US justice do not pay for the crimes committed.

It seems clear, therefore, that this phantom criterion of “political coexistence” is nothing else but a submission to a military occupation hiding behind the NATO treaties and the flagship “friendship” between Europe and the United States. In a Machiavellian political relationship between the two countries, these Italian favors for the benefit of US citizens, should be rewarded with gestures that are in the national interest of Italy, on the other hand it is clear that to make money is always the North American giant against Italy.

Obviously, in addition to military ones, there are also economic interests behind these attitudes of submission. Italy has to follow precise directions from Brussels and Washington, and the interests of some Italian companies in North America are also lacking.
So realistic in this regard is the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin when he speaks of relations between the US and the allies as well as vassal states living in the centralist viewpoint and waiting for instructions from the Empire.


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