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Vaccine industry says that children killed by vaccines don’t count

Question number one: How many kids have died shortly after getting a vaccine, whether the measles, mumps, rubella or even just the flu shot? What is that total statistic?

Second question: How many kids have actually died from infectious diseases and influenza who received inoculation for the very disease or sickness from which they died?

Third question: Why aren’t vaccine-induced deaths part of those statistics, since the kids were injected with the very diseases to which they were supposed to be “100 percent immune?”

For more than 50 years, America has succeeded in scaring the “pants off” parents if they don’t follow the insane vaccine schedule of 30 or more inoculations for all their babies from birth through six years of age. You could be arrested for not getting the full vaccine schedule now and denied rights to ever see your children again. They’re trying to pass laws in Oregon and New York. Check and see. Polio will cripple you! Quick, get some formaldehyde injected into your muscle tissue and you will be safe! The measles are killing entire populations off like some crazy genocidal epidemic, haven’t you seen all the deaths at the college campuses? Quick, get some MSG and mercury injected into your blood and make sure all the scary diseases are “deadened” (dormant) when the aluminum crosses your blood-brain barrier. At least when you have Alzheimer’s disease when you’re older and you don’t know who your immediate family is, at least then, you won’t have any chicken pox scars! At least when your child is autistic you won’t have to worry about him getting the measles or the mumps. Plus, the swine flu almost wiped out the entire world a few years back, so be sure to inject some more human albumin (blood), some GMO chicken embryo, and some aborted fetal cells that have been manipulated in a laboratory by insane scientists who think this is how to build immunity.

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