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Vast CHEMTRAILS Operation has begun- mysterious orbs seen flying around them !!!

Many believe that some contrails, those willowy wisps of white vapor released from a jet airplane’s engines, are really “chemtrails” – chemically tainted vapor being purposely released for some unknown but potentially ominous reason. Even stranger than the chemtrails themselves, many witnesses have reported mysterious white or silver orbs moving around and through the chemtrails. Is it a weapon system? A probe? A geoengineering weather system?

Contrails of chemtrails – what is the difference?

Normal contrails (condensation trails) are formed when the hot humid exhaust from an airplane jet engine disperses into the colder surrounding atmosphere. The result is white condensation as water vapor from the engine condenses into water droplets (unfortunately, in addition to water vapor, contrails also contain harmful carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfate particles, and soot). Chemtrails on the other hand, are a purposeful release of some sort of artificial gaseous vapor for reasons as yet unknown.

Chemtrails are a global phenomenon that have frequently been seen, photographed, and filmed by many witnesses both on the ground and in the air. Chemtrails differ from normal contrails in that they are thicker and remain visible for much longer than typical contrails (sometimes remaining visible for several hours). In addition, they are often seen in crosshatch patterns that eventually disperse to form long lasting cirrus cloud sheets. Their substance of course, is believed to be chemical in nature.

Often times witnesses report seeing brilliant white orbs flying through and around chemtrails as the mysterious orbs seen over Nevada in July 2016. The evidence is stunning with many photographs and videos capturing the unique phenomena. Ice is often proposed as the culprit but the orbs that are seen in association with chemtrails typically move erratically at high speeds, changing direction frequently. They are often seen moving through the chemtrail, amongst the vapor trails, and not *from* the vapor trail as would be expected. Theories regarding the mysterious chemtrail-related orbs are as numerous as the theories for the chemtrails themselves.

What is the secret purpose for chemtrails?


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