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Vatican Exorcists Say Yoga, Harry Potter, TV Vampires Drive Us to the Devil

A leading authority on demonic possession told a Vatican-backed exorcism course in Rome that “beautiful young vampires” in the media, such as stars in hit TV shows and films like True Blood and Twilight, are encouraging the surge of what the church considers Satanic behavior.

“There are those who try to turn people into vampires and make them drink other people’s blood, or encourage them to have special sexual relations to obtain special powers,” said Professor Giuseppe Ferrari, head of the Italian occult watchdog Group on Research and Socio-Religious Information.

“These groups are attracted by the so-called beautiful young vampires that we’ve seen so much of in recent years.”

While the Vatican acknowledges the legitimate role exorcisms play within the church, Ferrari stressed that they should be carried out only by properly trained priests, who can “maintain strong guidelines,” before they are appointed for dioceses.

In 2013, Pope Francis urged all dioceses to have at least one trained exorcist to ensure they are in compliance with Catholic law.

The year before, the diocese of Milan installed an exorcism hotline to help Catholics cope with the problem of demon possession, and doubled the number of exorcists on hand from six to 12 to meet skyrocketing demand over the past 15 years.



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