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Bogus MSM reports say “South Pole is melting” — In reality it’s GROWING

As if we need any more examples of science “professionals” and “media” getting the facts wrong pertaining to the North and South pole “melting”….. in this case not only getting it wrong, but the facts are diametrically opposed to this media report circulating around multiple outlets at the moment.



Media and some “professionals” are saying Totten glacier in Antarctica could melt and make sea levels rise.

Fact is, the South pole was as RECORD levels of ice last year, in thickness, and in area covered. Same goes for the summer on the South Pole. Large areas remained ice covered , which was rather unexpected. Both last years record levels, and this years lingering ice.

Same goes for the North pole currently… at near all time highs (since humans started keeping track).

The South pole (Antarctica) is currently refreezing! It is not melting, as you can see in this video I’ve put together.

This past summer on the South pole we saw large amounts of ice stay around — reaching hundreds of miles off the coast of the Southernmost continent. In past years, we saw the entire ice ring surrounding Antarctica melt — not this year. 2014 going now into 2015 is proving to be an ice filled year on the South Pole.

These articles are wrong in their basic premise. The basic premise is that sea ice is GONE, thus allowing an outflow from the mainland to reach sea.

Sea ice is NOT gone, and the levels last year going into this year speak for themselves. RECORDBREAKING is not an exaggeration.

See the 2014 and 2015 icepack concentration levels here — at a site that we researchers online use weekly (daily).. apparently the “professionals” are still using morse code to message, and abacuses to perform their calculations.

Welcome to the 21st century, where a person online armed with the facts, and the data to back up my claims can shoot down a whole bogus story by the science “professionals” and the media.

See the icepack levels for yourself if you doubt this video – compare to past years for a real eye opener. You’ll see the media and professionals are in another universe, or on another planet (or deliberately misleading people).

The data does not lie. This is not “thin” ice, but 100% concentrations which lingered all year through the summer, part of last years record level ice, which is now refreezing already (march 18 2015).