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Chelyabinsk mystery zone: Blue snow, three Suns, meteorite explosion



From a giant meteorite unexpectedly falling from the sky to a three Suns optical illusion – the Russian city of Chelyabinsk has become the world’s premier place for truly out of the blue OMG! moments. RT gives some insight into the recent madness.


For centuries, Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region, located on the border between Europe and Asia, has been a defense powerhouse, arming the Tsars’ forces and establishing the Soviet Union’s formidable nuclear arsenal. But the region’s rep for military muscle is not what’s been turning heads as of late.

No, when it comes to packing in as many ‘oh my God! Did you see that?’ moments into one place, Chelyabinsk is the undisputed champ.

The Meteorite…

In 2013 a meteorite swan dived over the city. And not just any meteor. No, it was the largest piece of flaming space rock to hit the earth in more than a hundred years.


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