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( EXPLIT CONTENT) Ukrainian government considers legalization of prostitution to save its economy



Sex services with a patriotic twist – latest trend in Ukraine. On internet forums women offer themselves to the Ukrainian National Guard members. Minimum bet – 10 hryvnas. Date with whoever will offer more money. New women that want to date National Guardsman for money appear on the site daily.


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Another trend in Ivano-Farnkovsk – patriotic striptease. To the screams “glory to Ukraine” women in national clothing erotically take off national garments. To see the show sex tourists are willing to travel from all across Europe.

Women that are tired of waiting for a rich European to marry take matters in their own hands. In Czech Republic for example there are so many Ukrainian prostitutes that local health services released special health guide in Ukrainian for sex workers. For example, women are reminded to use protection, do medical checks often etc. According to European immigration services – today, every fourth prostitute in Europe is from Ukraine. Those, who weren’t able to reach Europe go to Moscow. Many experts think that this is just a beginning since they are expecting an economic collapse in Ukraine.

In Ukraine itself, just a year ago prices for sex services were comparable to those in Russia. Many women from western Ukraine went to protest on Maidan square, offering their services to revolutionaries. Their services had large demand in Kiev. Revolution finally happened and demand for sex workers dramatically declined: competition grows, prices fall. With declining prices more foreigners began choosing Ukraine as sex tourism destination.

Ukrainian politicians began noticing problems with sex industry. If you can’t defeat it, manage it. Vitaliy Klitchko, mayor of Kiev, offered to legalize prostitution and use it to strengthen the economy, many politicians agree. If this law passes Ukraine along with Bangkok will become new favorite destination for exotic services.


The sex industry in Ukraine employs 50,000 people, and like the rest of the country’s economy, the revolution has had a big impact on sex workers. We spoke to elite prostitutes and strippers and found out how the events of the past year has effected their income, how they are treated and the desires of their customers. How do does the new Government measure up to the old regime?