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Sunni Kurd Female Warriors Fighting Obama’s NWO ISIS 2015

A notoriously fierce segment of the Kurdish security forces are striking terror into the hearts of ISIS terrorists – female fighters. The Jihadists have no problem slaughtering defenseless women but they don’t like facing armed female warriors in battle — because they don’t believe they’ll go to heaven if they’re killed by one of them.



The first official female unit was formed in 1996 when women began combat training in opposition to Saddam Hussein’s regime. They’ve earned a reputation for bravery and skill in the battlefield – so much so Sunni Peshmerga women are sometimes compared to Amazons. You could call them the Sunni Kurdish Peshmerga’s First Cavalry Amazon Battalion. Via PBS News, the all female unit’s commander, Col. Nahida Ahmed Rashid, said

“more women are enlisting today to defend Iraq’s [Sunni] Kurdish region from [Obama’s] Islamic State extremists.”

And these soldiers don’t only swell the fighting ranks; they’ve recently become a part of front-line strategy.

“The [NWO] jihadists don’t like fighting women, because if they’re killed by a female, they think they won’t go to heaven,” one female soldier said.

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