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The Making of a Mind-Controlled Killer


Before you dismiss the idea that James Holmes (of the “Batman” massacre) was a “mind controlled killer”, you should watch this video.


The US government was forced to admit it was trying to “program” people to be perfect assassins using similar techniques, as part of a human experimentation program called MK-ULTRA. Since then, the CIA has supposedly stopped such experiments. But most people believe such denials are merely a polite facade.

Outwardly, circumstances surrounding the “Batman” massacre seem to fit the MKULTRA template almost perfectly. Add to that the fact that Holmes was known to be fascinated with altered states of mind, that he experimented with “changing the past” using mental techniques (“temporal illusion”), that he was under psychiatric ‘care'(control?) previously, that he claims amnesia about the time he allegedly committed the massacre, that the police have obviously been attempting a coverup of many aspects of the case, etc. etc., and, well… you decide.

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