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Video: Welcome To The Hotel Camp FEMA



Joe Biggs, Jon Bowne, Kit Daniels, and Adan Salazar have booked a reservation at Hotel Camp FEMA. As the investigation ensued, their reservations canceled, news of the plans of the Federal Government short changing The Hotel Camp FEMA to divert a monstrous backlash of whats left of Freedom Of The Press In America. the BCFS non-profit organization in Harlingen, Texas where Illegals would have been housed, was canceled even before our reservations were.

Realization setting in, we found ourselves in a web of homeland security vehicles and buildings of every size and shape. A gluttonous display of epic proportions erected by the Federal Government in The Rio Grande Valley of Tejas.

The Rio Grande Valley is a timeless piece of Texas history. But it is being invaded not just by an avalanche (4 times higher since 2011) of illegal aliens. Tracking in votes for our out of control money hoarding ringleaders,for lack of a better term.Not to mention disease,gang violence,theft,assault,impending economic collapse.

The “liberal” left wields their primary media weapon, racism. This isn’t about race, it could be your own race that gives your family tuberculosis. It could be mine. Every race, creed, and religion is walking across our borders with “who knows what?” while we all get groped at the airport.

Our airports, sports stadiums, train stations, malls, restaurants, vehicles, and rights are being invaded day after day…. little by little, by a federal government unchecked. What we witnessed in the Rio Grande Valley is nothing less than a federal government creating a goliath that will eventually run its course.