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Villagers in Lugansk Region, Without Electricity for Nine Months, Demand That Ukraine Cease Shelling

Residents of village of Prishib, Lugansk region of Ukraine demand Ukraine army cease shelling, let them resume a life, July 2015

Residents of the village of Prishib in Slavyanoserbsky district of Luganks region have demanded that the Ukrainian forces stop shellings. Because of Ukraine’s attacks, people haven’t been able to restore electricity in the village since last October.

The villagers held placards reading “Abide by the Minsk Agreements! Do not fire at electricians! No to the blockade! We need electricity! Ukrainian authorities, stop this outrage!”

“We have gathered here to discuss the main problems of our residents suffering not only from hostilities, but also from its consequences,” said Andrey Zagorodnyuk, head of Slavyanoserbsky district, at a meeting with the residents of Prishib.

An engineer of Slavyanoserbsk electricity distribution company, Vladimir Sumskoy, said they have difficulties restoring electric power lines because of shellings. “We electricians have all the materials to restore electric power lines. We are ready to start the restoration at any time, but there is no possibility to do it because of Ukrainian army’s shellings.”

Residents of the village believe that they won’t have electricity in the near future because the restoration can’t start until the Ukrainian servicemen stop shelling.

“We are tired of the war. We’re living like in the Stone Age, there are no any conditions for a life in the village. Most of all, we want peace,” said one of the women villagers.

The residents of Prishib said that most of the villagers refuse to leave their houses despite the fact that the village is regularly shelled by the Ukrainian forces. At present, people live without electricity and water supply.


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