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War on WikiLeaks: Pro-Hillary Media Fabricates Email to Discredit Whistleblower

The barrage by the establishment media echoing the Clinton campaign’s line that the WikiLeaks dump was a “Russian misinformation campaign” laced with false documents began to take a dark turn when news networks began pushing out a fraudulent document that pre-dates the dump.

WikiLeaks released a transcript of Hillary Clinton’s speech before Goldman Sachs where she called Bernie Sanders supporters and the poor a “bucket of losers” in what is the news scoop of the century. Right? While the words do seem to echo, likely intentionally, Clinton’s gaffe about a “basket of deplorables” there is a little rule in life – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The problem with this fake document being pumped around, starting with MSNBC national security analysts Malcolm Nance – who was an intelligence officer for 35-years – is that it has nothing to do with the WikiLeaks Podesta Emails document release at all. It was never included in the release and, in fact, it pre-dates the WikiLeaks file dump by several days.



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