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War preparation? Doctors in Germany are being recruited for military service

We are living in frightening, dangerous times. Death and destruction are everyday occurrences. Societies all across the world are collapsing at alarming rates. Doom seems to be around every corner and nobody in charge seems to have any answers for all of this chaos.

Even worse, mainstream media outlets refuse to acknowledge any of this as a serious threat, leaving a majority of people across the world completely blind to the fact that the world as they know it is coming to an end — quickly. They pass these events off as normal problems and paint anyone who says otherwise as a maniacal conspiracy theorist.

But the reality of the situation is that the world around us is crumbling. This isn’t just an American issue, or a North American issue. All over the planet, things are getting worse and worse. Take Germany, for instance, where outbreaks of violence — mostly at the hands of Syrian refugees — have become commonplace.

The events that have followed have left many preppers saying, “I told you so” to the general public and the mainstream media. It has been reported by numerous alternative media outlets that the German government has been recruiting doctors for military service in preparation for a potential upcoming war.

Furthermore, they have recently ordered citizens to begin stockpiling food and water in case of a traumatic disaster that leaves obtaining such items difficult. As we all know, very few events require stockpiles of food and water, and none of them are good. They’re clearly not worried about environmental issues, so it’s apparent that they believe that human beings are going to the cause of this expected collapse of society.

Of course, the German government has yet to issue a formal statement regarding exactly why this is such a necessity, but their decisions have made it clear that they are genuinely worried for what’s to come. While European countries like Germany certainly seem to be on the receiving end of most of the world’s terror attacks as of late, there’s no reason to believe that America is at all safe from such violence.

As one of the world’s leading forces, our country is always going to be a target for the terrorist organizations out there, and we should always be prepared for the worst when it comes to potential disasters and societal collapses. If it isn’t the religious extremists from abroad, it could very well be the corrupt government in our homeland.

No matter where danger comes from, the only constant seems to be that it is coming. Like Germany, we must be prepared unless we want to face the consequences.