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Warning! Never Reheat These 7 Foods, They Can Poison Your Family!

A lot of people warm their food and eat it for the second and even third time. Some foods can be warmed, but there are some foods that can damage your organism if they are being warmed as the food does not hold its nourishments. These are 7 foods that you should never warm and eat after that:

Spinach – it is recommended to eat spinach immediately after its preparation and never heat it after it cools down because it is rich in nitrates that transform into nitrites when you warm it. This makes spinach carcinogenic.

  • Celery – it is great for soups as it is high in nitrates, meaning that when warmed, nitrates transform into nitrites which are harmful.
  • Beets – it contains nitrates like celery and spinach, and you know what will happen if the food is warmed. So never reheat it, as it is destructive for your body.
  • Potato – when potatoes are prepare and then are being left to stay for a day or two, and cool down, when they will lose their useful properties and their dietary quality. If reheated, the can be very dangerous for the body.
  • Eggs – if you put eggs in high temperatures and warm them, eggs can be lethal. However, they are not deadly if they are incorporated during arrangement process. This is the case for reheating fried and boiled eggs.
  • Chicken – is reheated, chicken can cause digestive issues due to the structure of protein that is being changed. The red meat of the chicken contains more protein, thus it is recommended to eat it cold, but if you have to warm it up, then make sure to do that at low temperature for a longer period of time.
  • Mushrooms –they are the most risky nourishments when reheated, thus it is highly recommendable to eat the directly after their preparation, or eat them cold. If you heat them up, you can cause yourselves digestive and heat issues.


Be careful with what sorts of leftover foods you out in the oven and rethink whether your food contains one of these ingredients if you plan on reheating it.