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Watch: Alex Jones’ Warning To The World On Internet Censorship

Social media site joins Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify in attack on Infowars

Monday, August 6th: Big Tech Bans Infowars – Facebook permanently banned Infowars while Apple removed entire Infowars libraries from iTunes under the guise of “hate speech.” The war on your mind is in full swing as globalists remove outlets of liberty and truth, starting with the tip of the spear

Social media platform Pinterest is the latest company to join the ongoing censorship purge by removing Infowars official account.

Following in the footsteps of Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify, Pinterest on Monday went on the attack against Infowars by deleting its content.

The sudden removal reportedly came after online media site Mashable “reached out to Pinterest in an attempt to determine if the company would ever ban Alex Jones or InfoWars from its platform.”