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Watch NASA’s mesmerizing 4K Ultra HD footage of life in space

For us humans, the idea of living in space never really moves beyond a vague perception in the back of our minds, but NASA is trying to change that by giving internet goers a vibrant look into life beyond Earth’s atmosphere in behind-the-scenes videos.

On Monday, the first of these videos was published by NASA on YouTube, showcasing life at the International Space Station. Recorded in 4K Ultra High-Definition – which offers about four times the detail of standard HD – the video is just one of many that the space agency will post online for Earthlings to watch, and it’s already offering impressive footage.

While the footage truly shines at the 4K resolution – there’s also a shorter one running at a silky smooth 60 frames per second – it’s nonetheless worth the watch regardless of what technology your devices are boasting.




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