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We used torture and it didn’t work, says top Guantanamo interrogation expert in a fierce attack on Trump’s bid to see it return for suspected terrorists

A top interrogation expert at Guantanamo Bay has launched a fierce attack on President Trump’s bid to bring back torture for suspected terrorists.

In an explosive new memoir, Mark Fallon, a retired veteran of the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service, says some interrogation techniques at the infamous detention camp on Cuba were little more than ‘war crimes’.

Mr Fallon was vehemently opposed to the use of mind-bending techniques developed by the CIA under the George W. Bush administration and used at Guantanamo and other ‘black sites’ around the world.

He says torture didn’t work and had made the world less safe since 9/11

His book, Unjustifiable Means, identifies officials who advocated the torture, while shining new light on secret internal deliberations.

Mr Fallon claims the Pentagon has attempted to obstruct its publication by taking months to review the manuscripts for unauthorised information


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