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Western media: Ukraine becomes a colony of the United States


According to the journalist Marco Mayer, representing the magazine Contra Magazine (Austria), Ukraine has become a colony of the United States.


Meyer analyzes the biographies of three foreigners appointed 2 December, Ministers in the new Government of Arseny Yatsenyuk.


The new Finance Minister, the State Department officer Yaresko Natalia United States and also has views of the Ukrainian company, which in the long term can be privatized. Economic Development Minister Aivaras Abromaviciute also owns financial structures, closely tied to the United States, “he writes.


As far as the new head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili, Mayer about it says the following: “Before he worked for the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. Very naively believe that these Ministers will represent the interests of the Ukrainian people — in fact, Poroshenko hanging out in the country of course United States. “


Minister Abromaviciute, indeed, makes no secret that the strategic plants of Ukraine will go to Americans. Germany, meanwhile, claims to be the best arable land in Ukraine.


A few days ago, the Americans gained the port Ilyichevsk: half of shares are now owned by private equity fund Based Siguler “and Company”, a quarter — of the German company “SRR Deutschland” and another quarter — Ukrainian Andrei Pavlûtinu.

This sale is a strategic object shows clearly that the dream of Ukrainians on unification with Europe is, however, somewhat different than had been thought: they are not allowed in the EU, but the Europeans and Americans have come to Ukraine, buying something that is of interest.

When finally get tired of jumping on the Maidan, then you find that independent Ukraine is already sold out “serious uncles”, which the infant crying about the europèjskie values and democratic choice to care.


Nothing personal, just business.