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What drought? Nestle grabs 27 million gallons of water from California’s aquifer, pays only $524 to the state

Despite the fact that California’s drought has left the state and its residents facing dire conditions, profit-hungry Nestle has continued to collect water from 12 spring sites – 27 million gallons of it in 2013 to be exact – in order to sell their bottled Arrowhead 100% Mountain Spring Water. It’s bad enough that the mega company kept obtaining water for their own greedy purposes, taking from a state that so desperately needed it for themselves, but the story worsens in terms of how much Nestle paid the state for this water collection.

It must have been a significant payment after taking millions of gallons of water, right? You’d think so, but they paid the state (you might want to sit down for this one) $524. Even more twisted, is the fact that Nestle seems to not be blinking an eye over the absurdly low amount, maintaining that they’re in good standing because they’ve paid the permit fees allowing them to obtain water from this area in full.


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