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What else is the EU elite hiding from us?


With ten days to go until the referendum, how much are David Cameron and our partners keeping back from voters about the EU’s plans for the future?

The question is brought into sharp focus by yesterday’s leaks of British diplomats’ cables, discussing policies not intended to be publicly aired before the vote is safely out of the way.

In one, our representatives in Amsterdam say the Dutch have agreed to co-operate in delaying controversial Brussels announcements until after June 23

In another, the Foreign Office’s people in Ankara advise ministers to consider offering visa-free access to as many as 1.5million Turks with ‘special passports’, to complement the EU’s plans to open up the border-free Schengen area to Turkey’s population of 80 million.

Indeed, throughout the campaign, Mr Cameron has tried to squash any talk of Turkey’s ambition to join the EU, saying: ‘It’s not gonna happen.’

But how does this square with his 2010 declaration in Ankara: ‘I’m here to make the case for Turkey’s membership of the EU – and to fight for it’?

As recently as 2014, he was still insisting: ‘In terms of Turkish membership of the EU, I very much support that.’ So what is going on behind the scenes?


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