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What happens if your laptop or tablet is stolen or lost? How to Encrypt Your Hard Drive easy

As technology improves our devices keep getting smaller and smaller, allowing us to take our data with us wherever we go. Desktop sales are falling while laptop and mobile device sales remain strong.

One of the safest ways to store data is using any of our best cloud storage providers, but sometimes you just have to keep files on your local disk as well. While carrying all our data with you is convenient, there is a potential problem that some users never stop to think about — what happens if your laptop or tablet is stolen or lost?

Your data is valuable to you. Whether it’s years of family pictures, your research, or your work files, chances are you don’t want a stranger snooping through it. By encrypting your hard drive — or securing it with a TrueCrypt alternative before sending it off to the cloud — you’re guaranteeing your data’s safety.

Today I’m going to show you how to encrypt a hard drive. It’s easy to do and once you have it set up the process is automatic. You don’t have to know arcane technical details to follow along, but I’ll provide a quick overview of how it works and then show you the best way to encrypt a hard drive — on Windows, Linux or MacOS.


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