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What is “Merkel plan” and who is really behind it.


The Merkel Plan

This paper outlines how an agreement between Germany and Turkey could have an immediate and dramatic impact on the Syrian refugee crisis. It would restore control over Europe’s south-eastern border without sacrificing compassion for the refugees. But with the far right resurgent across Europe, the window of opportunity for decisive action is closing fast. 

We propose an immediate agreement between Germany and Turkey on the following points:

  • Germany should agree to grant asylum to 500,000 Syrian refugees registered in Turkey over the coming 12 months.
  • Germany already expects high numbers of refugees to arrive in Germany. But rather than waiting for them to undertake the perilous journey across the Aegean and the Western Balkans, Germany should accept claims from Turkey through a fair and orderly process and provide safe transport to successful applicants. The offer should be limited to Syrian refugees already registered with the Turkish authorities, to avoid creating incentives for new migration flows into Turkey. Other EU member states should join in.
  • In return, from a specified date, Turkey should agree to accept back all new migrants reaching Greece from its territory. This would quickly reduce the flood of boats crossing the Aegean to a trickle.
  • Germany should agree to help Turkey obtain visa-free travel in 2016.

The paper explains how the various practical and legal aspects of this agreement could be resolved. It explains why, in the face of escalating anti-migrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric from far right parties across Europe, an early solution is in the vital interests of both Germany and Turkey.


– Germany bring 500 000 Syrian refugees from Turkey
– Germany will support Turkey and help get 2016 EU visa-free regime


Merkel plan”. pdf



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