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What Will the Next Presidential Election Look Like?

Despite all the predictions that said it was impossible, Donald Trump is president. We now have a public that is up in arms, a highly divided Congress and a news cycle that is made up of scandal after scandal (falsified or not). There is an expectation that Washington will explode in chaos at any moment after the results of last year’s election, and that isn’t entirely a statement of hyperbole.

The course of the nation has changed, and that raises a few questions. What will policy look like? Will the investigations yield results, and how will the public respond in either case? Will American’s faith in the system ever be restored after seeing the state of Washington? Yet the question we’re going to ponder in this piece is: what will the next presidential election will look like? It’s too early to draw candidates, so we should instead focus on the process itself and the public’s role in it.

Here are some things we can expect from the next presidential election based on our current political situation and the results of the 2016 election:

As It Stands, We Likely Won’t See Trump

It stands to reason that based on the current approval rating and split within the Republican party on certain matters regarding President Trump, the Republican Party will do quite a great deal to prevent Trump from running for reelection, preferring to put up a candidate less prone to outbursts and scandal. Trump is either outside the influence of those seeking to secretly control world leaders (making him a threat) or under pressure and unable to handle it, making him a potential liability in the most powerful position on the planet.

If we do see Trump or parts of his administration in the next election, he would either have to be vindicated by the press (which would take a lot at this point), or it will be part of a grander conspiracy by influencers and the media (perhaps to get a Democrat elected). Right or wrong, the system doesn’t want Trump in office much longer.

A New Paradigm and Resistance Against the System

People are angry, and rightfully so. Now they just need to figure out exactly who they’re angry at, aIlluminati nd the direction people choose for their anger will be a huge part of the upcoming election. We can bet groups such as the Illuminati will have something to say about that, not wishing to lose the control they have worked so hard to establish. Yet who will they put their weight behind? Will they attempt to bring in another “outsider” to try and reestablish their power as the current players run out of time, or will they try for a return to an establishment pick (or picks, as they could be playing both parties) after what the public sees as a failed experiment?

Partially depending on the actions (or inaction) taken by the administration and Congress in the coming years, and perhaps the results of the midterm election, we can expect a higher voter turnout and a more active political scene, even more so than what we saw in the 2016 election. The election will be intense; no punches will be held back.

Technology Will Play a Key Role

The last election was run on computers, and voters were largely informed by computers. Data was vital, and people weren’t aware their actions gave information to people hoping to sway their vote. People are warier now, but they are relying on technology more. As such, people, growing more suspicious of online sources, will regularly be using proxies to avoid data mining. We saw what online marketing and online campaigning did during the last election, and we can only expect the internet to play an enhanced role in future elections as it becomes more ubiquitous across America. For the majority of the public, it may even be the only source of information on the election. Yet will the tech giants reveal their biases or try to sway the crowd? We’ll have to see, but the temptation is strong for their interests.

Outside Influence Will Be Clear

Follow the elitist money and you’ll find where the real power lies. Both sides will have their backers, and special interest groups will try to dictate the talking points of the candidates, either before or after the election (have you ever wondered why some candidates don’t make a lot of noise about some of the amendments they try to sneak onto bills?).

When the next election comes around, take a look at which companies are buying which politicians. Review voting records, if possible, and look into past business ties. If journalism does its job, the information will be available. It’s your duty as a citizen to investigate the data and make the right choice.

In truth, it is impossible to determine exactly how the next election will turn out. There are simply too many variables, and the results of outstanding scandals that have the potential to change the course of American politics for coming generations aren’t in yet. We can chart the course, but we’ll have to see which way the winds blow.

About the Author: Sandra is a political and tech writer who has been looking into the current state of politics to determine the mindstate of America. She truly believes we live in a unique time, and she knows America will need an educated and active voting population to make the wisest decisions for the future.