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What you`re not being told about the Turkish COUP ATTEMPT


Here’s what you are not being told about the Turkish Coup attempt. First, ask yourself why the military failed? They could have easily killed Erdogan and decapitated the Turkish government. But they didn’t.

Now Erdogan has all the power and excuse he needs to finally route out all opposition and solidify his executive dictatorship.

For months Erdogan has been removing key figures around him with yes men.

He’s jailed journalists who expose him.

He’s permitted and possibly even profited off the illicit ISIS oil sales.

This failed coup attempt is now providing him the cover he needs to execute his final solution.

And he claims the people are on his side. The world views him as a democratically elected president. But remember Adolf Hitler was also elected and carried the popular support of his people too.

The very man Erdogan is blaming for the coup attempt, Fethullah Gulen, has even declared the whole event was staged.

Even some of the soldiers who participated in the coup claim they thought they were taking part in a military exercise.

And now Erdogan is calling for Gulen’s extradition from self imposed exile in the United States, for trial in Turkey along side the hundreds of troops, officers and judges.

Now the death penalty may be restored to execute Erdogan’s opponents once and for all.

What you have just witness is a textbook false flag operation on the level of the Reichstag fire that catapulted Hitler to power and led us into world War two.

This is what is not being told, and will suppressed by the media who will bask in the celebrations of a people deceived.

This is not the last we’ve heard of President Erdogan and only the beginning of the end for the free people of Turkey.

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