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What’s making our children sick?

Is modern industrial food making our children sick? Quite possibly, says paediatrician MICHELLE PERRO and medical anthropologist VINCANNE ADAMS. In their new book, What’s Making Our Children Sick? they claim there’s a strong link between GMO food and failing health

There is increasing concern about the health of our children among some parents, and our new book book explores the perfect storm we have created that may be the culprit. 

This storm is formed by a toxic mix of; 1) outdated medical models that struggle with chronic diseases and often overlook food; 2) an embattled scientific community, some of whom have obscured questions about the safety of GM foods and their associated pesticides; and 3) frustrated parents and children who are finding solutions by doing something so simple as changing their diet.  

Of course, the causes of children’s disorders are many. But food plays an enormous role.  Consider the possibility that some of the food we are feeding our children is loaded with chemical ingredients that are impairing our kid’s guts. 


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