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Who killed Olof Palme?


The more one reads 20th century history, the more one realises how the power of the Deep State – the intelligence services, the miltary leaderships – even in democracies – has been used to shape events by toppling hostile regimes and creating pretexts for social and economic domination of foreign countries, using propaganda and subversion of the media to create false pictures of reality in order to achieve political and public mandates for what they do. Politicians challenge this power at their peril. We saw that with Kennedy. We are seeing that with Trump. And we saw that with Olof Palme, a strong willed and maverick Swedish prime minister who was idealistic in the extreme in that eh believed he could defeat evil forces in the world by the power of his moral stance and the strength of his convictions. Investigative journalist Pelle Neroth Taylor uses his inside knowledge of Scandinavian Cold War politics to research the story behind the world’s most extensive criminal investigation which, 30 years on, has produced….nothing. Is there an explosive reason why the Swedish police seem to have been going around in circles?